The Company

R.I. S.p.A. began operations in 1985. Each of its projects is in the sector of planning, construction, sale and leasing of prefabricated modular and structural units for the building of civil and military villages, applying the “Turn-Key” approach. The company also offers comprehensive maintenance services for its villages.

R.I. prefabricated units are factory produced according to international standard and may be custom built to the Clients' specifications.

R.I. leads the sector in the Mediterranean, with its company headquarters located near Brindisi, Italyi. R.I. has satellite offices in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Lebanon.

Current ISO 9001/2008 Quality Certification and ISO 14000 Environmental Management Certification of the company's products and production processes, as well as SOA certification in categories OG1 - OG9 - OG11 - OS18 for the execution of civil and military contracts, have made R.I. the trusted supplier for major international businesses and government organizations.

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R.I. & LEONARDO at DSEI 2017