The national newspaper LIBERO dedicates an article "The invention that saves the lives of soldiers in Afghanistan" to R.I. S.p.A and its hi-tech anti-mortar watch tower. Chiara Giannini, journalist, writes:

"The security increases for the Italian soldiers engaged in the theaters of war. Despite the cuts announced by the government of Monti, in fact, the Ministry of Defense, even in light of the recent deaths on the field, has decided to invest a large part of its resources into structures able to ensure the salvation of men of Italian contingents now operating in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Kosovo. The solution to the problem "attacks" are in fact in a sentry box (or watch tower), whose prototype was designed by RI spa, a company from Trepuzzi, in the province of Lecce, chaired by the entrepreneur Salvatore Tafuro who, for years, with his sons, takes care of bringing the Italian quality in places where nobody would act.
The new sentry box, designed in collaboration with the University of Salento, which was responsible for the research on the most suitable materials for the construction of the watch tower, will be made of ballistic steel and has a cover around the stairs to climb, which will allow the operator to reach the top, protected by bulletproof glass, in total security. It will be equipped with a secure communication system, which will prevent the interception by external. But the real peculiarity of the sentry box will be an external network whose function is to enable contacts in case of mortar. The explosion will be designated outside of the watch tower and the military could save himself.
The roof terrace will also be presented at Le Bourget, next Paris aeronautical salon. It is born, in fact, not only for use in the Italian contingents, but also for the foreign ones, already interested in made in Italy innovations. But there is another news. "The Defense - explains Tafuro - has also commissioned some moving main gate, which will be used, for now, in Lebanon. They will allow, through sophisticated equipments, remote control of the base visitors and they will be able to intercept any type of threat. This will help to avoid that the operator may be exposed to dangers".
The Defence invests each year in this area (as regards the only RI spa) an amount between 10 and 20 million of euros for products linked to security of military operations abroad and structures required in theaters. Orders arrive, for the same package, even by the United Nations (which spend between 5 and 40 million every 4 years) and by the Ministry of the Interior (which makes orders for amounts between 5 and 15 million). But numbers speak for themselves: the commitment is increasing and safety is not joking. No cuts, and then, if anything, resources on the rise."

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